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Musical Explorations for my intermediate pianists

Setting Up For A Great Spring & Summer

Just getting to March I am amazed at all the talents and dedication of my students developing their musical ideas through the cold months. Some are helping me create new ways of understanding scale patterns and memorizing songs, others are attending Bryan College Master Classes and learning you can get a musical “speeding ticket” from rushing through a piece without being able to let every note ring true. One is perfecting her tone and playing some of the best music written for woodwinds with great style. Some are learning how 2 phrases can be different by just one note and training their fingers with new 5 finger patterns.

One younger student is learning how to play with contrary motion and shift hand positions before he realizes this is actually “hard” and All of them are learning patience with technology and how good it is to have a supportive family.

Before I unleash the line-up of summer classes I want to invite you all to a brief time of studying the surprising influence of Irish Musicians and ideas on March 17th at 7pm and make sure everyone is geared up to recognize the musical terms and symbols on the Bryan College Community School of Music “Manufacturing Music” test that happens in mid April. Let me know if you have any questions about our activities and I am thrilled to keep moving up the musical mountain with you all.

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