Student Input

What do students think?

A big thank you to Nicole Doran for being so patient keeping up with his virtual piano lessons during this period of social distancing. Making music has been such a great outlet for him. 
from H. Adams

Dr. Nicole Doran was truly a God send whom my daughter and family are very thankful for. Our daughter has been a student of Dr. Doran for about two years. The process that she has made has on her musical been amazing. She plays so beautifully that I am blown away. My daughter is so excited about learning! She looks forward to her weekly lessons in fact she asked if she could have more time added to her existing lessons going forward. Her hungry and excitement for more knowledge is result of having a great teacher. A teacher who is simplicity in her teaching method. Dr. Doran is a woman of faith she lives it and it is easily seen and felt in every thing she does. We appreciate her passion for music it is evident through her teaching. If you are in search of a kind spirited, patient and knowledgeable music teacher look no further you will find it all in Dr. Doran. 
From N. Gholston

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